How to enjoy FUJI


How to enjoy FUJI

Tasting from a wine glass

As with wine, the impression of whisky’s aroma and flavor could vary depending on the shape and size of the glass. That is because the way whisky’s aroma comes out and spreads in the mouth would change depending on the diameter of the rim, and the size and shape of the bowl, which is the part that holds liquid. It is not uncommon to get a different impression of the same whisky when tasting it in a different shaped glass. To fully enjoy FUJI, which is composed of various aromas and flavors, we strongly recommend enjoying it from a Sauvignon Blanc white wine glass.

A marriage with chocolate

In addition to enjoying FUJI by itself, you can open up a new world of flavor when you marry it with food that complements it. The first thing you should try is chocolate!
Without chewing, let the chocolate melt slowly in your mouth, and when it is almost completely melted, sip FUJI into your mouth. The addition of whisky enhances the cocoa flavor of the chocolate in your mouth, creating a deep, rich flavor that cannot be experienced with either chocolate or whiskey alone.